Money Essentials

1. Going without health insurance for a while is okay as long as:
    I'm young and strong.
    I plan to get it soon.
    I don't mind risking bankruptcy.
2. A deductible is:
    The tax break I get for my insurance premium.
    The amount I owe out-of-pocket before insurance kicks in.
    A service that my insurance doesn't cover.
3. What's sure to be covered by my insurance is:
    Hospital bills.
    Visits to my doctor's office.
4. Preventive care generally is covered by:
    An indemnity policy.
    A managed care plan.
5. With managed care, I can use doctors outside the plan's network:
    Any time.
    Depends on the plan.
6. Catastrophic coverage is:
    Insurance with a high deductible and high maximum payout.
    Insurance for sudden illness or accident.
    Insurance that pays so little you go broke.
7. Working couples with dual insurance can:
    Cover themselves separately.
    Cover one another.
    Do either.
8. A flexible spending account is:
    A tax break.
    A type of insurance.
    A service offered by banks.
9. COBRA gives me the right to:
    Keep employer-paid coverage if I lose my job.
    Keep group coverage but pay for it myself.
    Sue my employer if I lose my insurance.
10. A high risk pool is for:
    People with significant health problems.
    People who can't afford insurance.
    People who have dangerous jobs.