Money Essentials

1. For most people, what percentage of monthly income is reasonable to budget for car expenses?
    Less than 5%
    Less than 10%
    10% to 15%
    20% or more
2. The comprehensive portion of your auto insurance covers:
    Damages for the other driver if the accident is your fault.
    Your medical costs.
    Repairs for your own car.
    Losses from theft, fire and natural disasters.
3. If you buy a three-year-old used car, how much could you save over a new version of the same model?
    30% to 40%.
4. The capitalized cost of a lease is:
    The value of the car at the start of the lease.
    The value at lease end.
    The interest charge.
    How much value was lost over the lease term.
5. You are likely to get the lowest rate on an auto loan from:
    The dealer.
    The manufacturer.
    A local bank.
    Your credit union.
6. The holdback is a payment from:
    The manufacturer to you as a rebate.
    The manufacturer to the dealer.
    The dealer to you.
    The lending bank to you.
7. When you negotiate you want to offer:
    A discount from the MSRP or list price.
    A set amount over the dealer's invoice price.
    The price the salesman suggests.
    The price set by the manufacturer.
8. Plan on adding state and possibly local sales tax averaging:
    2% to 3%
    about 4%
    5% to 8%
    10% to 12%
9. A typical new-car warranty runs for:
    two years
    three years
    six years
    10 years
10. A typical Web buying service gives you:
    Two or three competitive bids.
    One bid from its affiliated dealer near you.
    A list of dealers to call.
    A promise to have someone call you

36 month new5.91%
48 month new5.98%
60 month new6.03%
72 month new3.78%
36 month used6.31%

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