Money Essentials

1. When looking at how insurers charge you, what's the key word to keep in mind?
2. When insuring your home, buy an amount that's equal to:
    Half of its current market value
    Current market value
    Enough to have your home rebuilt
    Half the amount it would cost to have your home rebuilt
3. Which of these can affect the cost of home insurance coverage?
    Whether you have an alarm in your home
    A steady increase in violence in your area
    The construction quality of your home
    All of the above
4. If you live in an area prone to emergencies such as flooding or earthquakes:
    You need a very extensive homeowners' policy
    You need a special policy, beyond basic homeowners' insurance
    You must buy insurance from a private company, not the state
    You shouldn't buy an expensive house
5. Which of these steps should you take now (just in case disaster strikes later)?
    Read your insurance policy thoroughly
    Purchase inflation guard, so you can keep up with local building cost inflation
    Make a detailed list of your home's contents
    All of the above
6. Which of these is a "red flag" to an insurer?
    Raising your deductible
    Filing frequent claims
    Combining home and auto insurance
    Shopping around
7. Traditional "guaranteed replacement cost" does what?
    Ensures your totaled home is rebuilt, regardless of the cost
    It depends on the insurer's definition
    Rebuilds your home at 120 to 125 percent of the limits you purchased
    Rebuilds at 90 percent of total replacement cost
8. Which of these is useful in calculating the replacement cost of your home?
    Having a local contractor examine your home and provide an estimate
    Using a home rebuilding tool from a website
    Having a real estate agent point out your home's special features
    All of the above
9. The HO-3, called the HO-B in Texas, the most appropriate policy for the majority of single-family homeowners, protects against all of these except:
    Flash floods
    Nuclear disasters
10. If part of your property is used for business purposes, it is:
    Covered under basic homeowners' insurance up to $2,500
    Up to you to insure it separately, no matter what it's worth
    A negligible concern when it comes to buying insurance
    None of the above