What's your company's true profit?
You've invested plenty of capital in your business. Use the calculator below to estimate how hard it's working for you.
By Patricia B. Gray
Enter business data
What were your total earnings last year?
(if you're starting with your net profit, add back in interest and taxes, but not depreciation or amortization expenses)
What are the total assets of your business?
(Include the total value of the cash, inventory, receivables, equity, real estate, equipment, machinery, etc., that your firm holds, but do NOT subtract debt.)
What are your accounts payable?
(In other words, how much money your company owes its creditors, employees, and suppliers at this moment.)
What industry are you in?

What's your company's true profit? Here's an estimate.
Your true profit is:
Based on earnings before interest and taxes (Ebit) of
And a cost of capital for
of  %
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